Angelo Galasso adds a new dimension to menswear, allowing a new breed of men to enjoy a service that merges the tradition of classic tailoring - a tradition, which is steeped in Italian craftsmanship and the creativity of couture houses, reminiscent of a world of exclusive and unique garments, conceived by couturiers with just one client in mind. This is what Angelo calls Tradition in Evolution.

The aesthetic of Angelo Galasso is groundbreaking yet timeless. In 2002, the Financial Times hailed Angelo as “the Da Vinci of shirts”. The Polso Orologio Shirt is a garment that trespasses the boundaries of men’s wardrobes and found a space in the Design Museum in London. An epiphany that brought him to realise that what he created with his shirts could be done with menswear. Each garment relates to collector pieces that will live beyond seasons.

Each man is different and today, even more than before, each man wants to express his individuality in an unprecedented manner. Men are as demanding as women when it comes to their wardrobes.

Uniqueness through craftsmanship and design is the ethos of each Angelo Galasso garment; preserving Italian manufacturing by keeping alive skills that otherwise would have died out and the amboyancy of design that relates to couture ateliers. Angelo Galasso has thus crossed a line by creating a pioneering service that was not available to men before.